Best Export Settings for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017

How to get the best render and export settings for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017. In this video we go through how to export your videos at the highest quality 1080p 60fps so you can achieve crystal clear and silky smooth gaming videos for your channel.

We walk you through every step in the Export / Render process to make sure you are left with the highest quality video for your gaming channel on YouTube. This how to guide will also work for other versions of Adobe Premiere Pro such as CS6, CS5 or CC.

Whether it’s video bitrate, frames per second, bitrate encoding type or resolution that’s confusing you, this guide goes into great detail showing you what each setting should be to give you the best results on YouTube, Vimeo or even if you are self hosting the video on your own website.

Links to things mentioned in the video and more details:

🔗 Sony Vegas Tutorial:
🔗 H.264 in depth:
🔗 30fps vs 60fps:
🔗 Video Bitrates:

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