Analyze Your Twitch Stream! Fix Issues

How to inspect your Twitch stream so you can find out exactly what is causing your stream issues. In this video we run through 2 tools that you can use to help you discover and fix common problems.

The most common problems people come across with streaming to twitch are bitrate issues, stuttering, frame drops, lag, desync. Twitch and r1ch have both made tools that we can use to analyze our streams to find out exactly what is causing these issues.

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⏩ 0. Introduction 0:00
⏩ 1. Twitch Inspector 1:30
⏩ 2. Running a Test Stream 2:25
⏩ 3. Analysis of Results 4:51
⏩ 4. R1ch’s Analyzer 8:15
⏩ 5. Outro 9:14

Links mentioned and more details:
🔗 Twitch Inspector:
🔗 r1ch’s Stream Analyzer:
🔗 Twitch Broadcaster Guidelines:

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