Play Song Requests From Twitch Chat

How to setup Nightbot AutoDJ so that your Twitch or YouTube Gaming viewers can use !songrequest to request songs in chat from YouTube, Soundcloud or Spotify that will automatically play on your stream.

In this video we also dive into how you can display the song playing as well as who requested it on your stream! AutoDJ is a truly amazing feature from Nightbot that helps you interact with your chat through song requests! All the control is at your fingertips allowing you to skip, promote and remove songs from the upcoming queue.

AutoDJ also allows the user to request songs through direct URL’s to the song or with search terms.

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⏩ 0. Introduction 0:00
⏩ 1. Setup 1:36
⏩ 2. AutoDJ Settings 2:09
⏩ 3. AutoDJ Player and Controls 5:35
⏩ 4. AutoDJ Queue and Demonstration 6:15
⏩ 5. Setting up an alternative playlist 7:35
⏩ 6. Benefits of downloading the Nightbot App 8:54
⏩ 7. Downloading and Installing the Nightbot App 9:42
⏩ 8. OBS Studio now playing text import 10:11
⏩ 9. Final Tips 12:25
⏩ 10. Outro 12:54

Links mentioned and more details:
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🎵 Thomas Vx – Daze: